Best Top 4 Places where to camp in Batangas

where to camp in batangas

If you’re in Manila and tired of the busy surroundings. then you deserve days of tranquility. and relaxation Batangas is the perfect getaway to try to that since it’s near Manila. Where to camp in Batangas But aside from swimming diving, and snorkeling within the beautiful beaches of this province within the Philippines why not try camping?

where to camp in Batangas
Sea pool Batangas
An overnight stay at an island or beach is such a lot of fun to try and do with family, friends, or maybe together with your partner.
And to assist you which is that the best campsite in Batangas we provided you a listing. Although all of them are beautiful and offer peacefulness to you. may still want to decide on which one is that the best for you, and may assist where to camp in Batangas you have a sweet escape the busy society.



Located in Nasugbu Bituin Cove is another choice for your camping getaway in Batangas Having crystal clear waters, tranquil surrounding, and stunning views, it makes an ideal place to spend the day and also the night with. Imagine seeing beautiful stars while chilling together with your friends, family, or partner

Camping Rate: PHP 100 per person
Tent Rental: 300 pesos


This beach in Batangas might not have the bluest waters but it surely includes a clean and clear ocean that’s already beautiful. after you go here, you won’t find such a lot shade so staying during the day could also beach a bit uncomfortable That’s why overnight camping here is the best choice also if swimming isn’t your only purpose But remember that overnight camping at the exact beach isn’t allowed for security reasons. you can pitch your tent near the beach

Camping Rent: PHP 130 – PHP 160 per person


Where to camp in Batangas What makes Manuel Uy Beach Resort the best place for camping It doesn’t have any amenities. No pool or cottages This makes your camping experience pure and raw you simply got to pitch your tent and enjoy the scenery of the beach plus the cool water of the ocean if you don’t have a tent no worries as you will rent one at the beach.

Camping Rate: PHP 150 per person


Another beautiful island for camping in Batangas. Fortune Island is understood for its Acropolis-like a-pillars and statues. The cliffs on the island overlook the attractive view of the ocean. The breeze of the wind the sound of the waves from its rough and shallow waters, everything completes your ideal camping experience So prepare your tent and enjoy the beautiful memorable camp

Camping Rate: PHP 400 per person

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