SÃO PAULO STREET ART I think brazil has a thing for stairs we decided to get this rotation it’s fried rice balls apparently okay guys we are going to beco do batman which is a graffiti and street art area it looks like it’s going to be 22 Brazilian real with an uber to get there okay we just arrived at Beco do batman this place has a high concentration of murals and street art we just got out of the car and everywhere you look on every corner.  

there are colored walls so we’re gonna walk along and see what we can find look at this everywhere you look there’s music playing this place is so lively so the art here changes all the time it’s not the same as it was last year constantly artists are coming here and changing up these things so it got its name Becca to do batman because in the 80s  when it started there was a huge mural of batman and that’s when all this started they’re keeping the batman tradition going even after 30 years.

I think that might be my favorite one so far this doesn’t feel real you feel like you’re in a movie set or something with all this street art especially with this music playing I like this one it’s a little bit abstract expressionist a little bit of pop art, so like we wanted to stop at this part with this art here.  

mostly because there are plants coming out of some of this so they have tile work look at us no guns some of the places you can see plants are growing out and in some of these we even noticed that people were placing their belongings in them I saw some t-shirts tucked in there not only are the streets filled with murals and street art this whole area of town is a colorful look at this building look at these beautiful stairs I think brazil has a thing for stairs artistic stairs. as you guys probably have seen in Rio de Janeiro there are very famous steps there with tiles all over them they love 
their color looks at all these pieces of tile that are so pretty so we’re getting a little mini version before we get to Rio but then of course if you keep reading our blog we will show you the very famous ones once we get there.  


so that place was really cool there are a lot of cities in the world, these days that have  street art and graffiti but it’s cool when it’s all in one area so you can just go there and  have your fill instead of walking around the whole 
city looking for the best pieces and it’s totally blocked off so no cars are driving through so you can just walk down the center of the street and look at graffiti on both sides so now we’re looking for a cemetery we saw on our way here.

and it looks actually really interesting it looks a lot different than the cemeteries  that we are used to in a good way so what we’re used to in cemeteries is seeing little headstones on the grass but these are like these huge statues to represent lost loved ones and there’s hundreds of them 
they go all the way down unfortunately it just closed three minutes ago so 
we can only show you from here a few of the stones but I’m sure in brazil we’ll see a lot more cemeteries like this that we’ll be able to walk through and show you guys it’s so unique and beautiful.

okay, we’re gonna get an uber at this corner here we thought about walking it’s only about a 30-minute walk but uber is so cheap in brazil so far it’s like a dollar to go that whole way so we’ve been taking a lot of uber since we’ve been here it’s a great deal that’s the way to go when you’re which is nice because it saves so much time otherwise you’d have to walk to all these places.

if ubers were expensive so you can actually get around Sao Paulo pretty cheaply with uber yeah we’re totally up for the walk but we would rather save time see more stuff especially because we’re hungry we don’t want to get hangry at each other that does happen sometimes see down there are all the string lights and restaurants hold on look at the detail like this it’s pretty cool so I got an iced peppering and it has some cream on the top. 

basically, ice cream with lime shavings and then the alcohol lime juice and ice let’s try it wow I think that’s one of the best drinks I’ve ever had the ice cream makes it and this was about four dollars makes it taste even better and then I got a caprinia which is like the main alcoholic drink in brazil it sounds like and I got kiwi in there so it’s a kiwi cafe really good pretty strong as brazil does for learning it’s always strong we decided to get this rotation with a rotation of food so we’re gonna get all of these for 39.90 which is about.

eight dollars per person that’s pretty good we’re going to try a bunch of Brazilian foods all at once we got our first one right here so these are nose and then we have isca de franco and then these I forgot the name of these but these come with cheese inside so it’s like a cheese ball this is kind of like an empanada it has a cheese and meat inside and then these are just like chicken nuggets chicken strips they give us this on the side which comes with the chicken and it’s like an herb sauce kind of it tastes like cream cheese very creamy herby pretty good.

all right now let’s try the cheese ball this is gonna be good I can tell let’s crack it open in the middle here oh it’s like a mozzarella stick but I’m sure the cheese is different here in brazil wow I don’t know what kind of cheese that is it has some potato in there now we’re going to try the pasta this is me I think this one is missing the inside it’s just oh what there’s nothing let’s try one more and see if the first one you take a bite of this nothing in it all right there’s meat in there the first one they forgot the meat.

we should ask them that is just carbonated just like a beef ground beef that’s pretty good like a beef empanada we are getting very full but we had to take advantage of trying more Brazilian foods so this is fried yuca it’s like a french fry but it’s more starchy it’s good it has a little bit of a different flavor these are Bolinas it’s fried rice balls apparently it kind of tastes like a fried potato there’s cheese in there rice and then a breading.

and then we got fried chicken wings we had an awesome meal we are extremely full and we need to go home and go to bed at this point, it’s been a long day awesome meal we love Brazilian food and we’ll show you more Brazilian  food tomorrow


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